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The description of the electronic system is general and does not reveals detailed solution, that are submitted to the customer after the realization agreement is signed.

Intelligent Alarms does not convert the premises into a military testing sites. Its functionality was confirmed in the realities of military service in temperatures from -55°C to + 85°C.

All Our systems are safe for adults and children, big and small animals. They don’t create a threat for the environment, because of powering any length of the protected line by the voltage measured in mA. They are user friendly and are allowing a fast and simplified repair in case of mechanical sabotage or damage to a random wire. All presented systems have their origin in military technology, are tested in difficult weather conditions on the whole world in temperatures from -55°C to + 85°C. It all adds up to a very low exploitation costs resulting from a yearly operation and the damages because of accidents and intentional actions.

In our presentations we emphasize the world “intelligent” as the main quality feature of Our products. One of the most important alarm feature is the threat identification in the first stage of transmitting the signal from the fence line, its analysis with the possible “false” alarm caused by animals, a strong gust of wind with leaves, snow storm, ect. In each situation such a signal is also registered in the memory of the control module, but it may not trigger the alarm. The decision is made by the intelligent analyse of the signals. Recorded history of the signals allows the Serviceman, either by the system overview or on the wish of the customer, to the potential modification of the reaction to increase the “tightness” of the system, without making the system oversensitive or increasing the number of false alarms. Those actions confirm the system’s ability to learn.

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