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The characteristic feature of the panel fence is its stiffness. The DRX fence panel, thanks to its unique installation without screws, with technical tightener, allows to achieve the required the proper tension during the installation. It works as a membrane, perfectly picking up signals from the surroundings and relays them to the Main Module. Stiffness and tension is not affected by the outside temperature. The tension also gives the effect of inherent damping of the vibrations in place of which arise new ones. You have to imagine the precision of operation when 400 signals/vibrations appear and are analysed within every second of operation of the device, to determine the potential threat. It is an ongoing battle for your safety.


The detectors are collecting signals from the fence and compare them with one another, what helps to determine the real danger and eliminate the influence of random conditions – sometimes extreme weather conditions, large vehicles, trains or vibrations caused by small animals. The final analysis happens in the Main Module.

The UNI fence allows to mount an microphonic cable within the cover of the profile, what allows for direct contact with the surroundings and in the same time protects the cable from being cut. The main feature is the height of the panel up to 3 meters, with the possibility of burring the panel underground (for example 0,5m in the ground), what additionally allows to collect the signals not only from the panel, but also in case of trying to force entrance under the fence.

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