The employees of DRX GROUP are people with years of experience working in corporations and on civil and industrial investment. Their technical knowledge from various fields of engineering knowledge led to the creation of a distribution, service and advisory offer for systems of outdoor security, known as the perimeter security, on the boundary line of a designated area and on the protected area with the possibility of integrating it with the existing alarms inside the building.

Company Offer

DRX GROUP Sp. z o.o. is the general distributor of perimeter security and additional support systems for the Polish market of the companies: SIEZA, FORTEZA, SELKOM.

We realize complex projects of fencing systems for industry, airports, seaports, border, venture objects requiring above-standard security solutions and for individual customers.

The company supplies and installs complex fence systems including gates and gate engines, equipped in detection systems, that uses military technologies. The systems (fences with the infrastructure of the perimeter and support systems) presented under the trade name: “Intelligent Fences” and “Intelligent Alarms”, allowing for an precise analysis of potential threat, an adequate reaction, and – if an alarm is triggered – pointing out the place of disturbing on the fence line, with the accuracy to 2,5, and 2 m on an protected area.

In the field of designing and realization of the Intelligent Fences systems we use:

  • perimeter detection systems: on fence and wireless (operating temperatures from -55°C to + 85°C) - PERIDECT Sieza, Forteza;
  • underground detection systems – PERIDECT, SIEZADISTRIBUTER;
  • infrared barriers - TAKEX (distances up to 250 m) – Partner;
  • microwave barriers - FORTEZA (zones up to 200m, operating temperatures from -55°C to + 85°C);
  • microwave curtains - FOTREZA (walls, roofs, chosen space areas);
  • systems of outdoor cameras – HIC VISION (Video Content Analysis) – Partner;
  • access systems: scramblers, remote control via mobile devices; biometric;
  • Intelligent House technology - FIBARO with the integration with other systems – Installation;
  • window frames with glazing units SAINT GOBAIN, with installed alarm peripheral component ready to tie-in protection system – Partner;
  • „saferoom” – for institutions and individual customers (IP 60, PRIVA LITE, -48db.) with the newest technology of gas fire extinguishing technique, safe for humans and animals and water fog (that does not transfer electricity), for designated rooms and safe evacuation roads, minimalizing the damage done by the usage of classic extinguishing of the fire with water;
  • configuration with existing alarm systems;
  • configuration with complex alarm systems, also with systems that overwatch technological processes and others, on integration platforms - C 4, MIRASYS;
  • communication with Our system, integrated systems, also on global level, with the usage of multimedia devices.


DRX GROUP carries out orders concerning the supply and installation of steel structures for individual customers, civil and industrial investments, also for special purposes, for example gates (telescopic, against explosion/forcing in), portable and stationary barriers.

We provide the preparation of documentation for project workshop, static calculation, post-completion documentation, delivery and assembly of structural elements in terms of:

  • railings, hand rails, elements of technical protection and small architecture made of steel and stainless steel, railings in self-supporting glass system – own production;
  • building of interior surfaces: system of glass walls (also electric controlled translucency, PRIVA LITE, IP 60 and sound attenuation up to 48 db.) SAINT GOBAIN oraz MATFOR, SOMETADISTRIBUTEUR;
  • - installation of counter surveillance systems for rooms or whole objects – SELKOM, BASTION - DISTRIBUTEUR.

We realize custom orders. We cooperate with design offices.

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