The converter RS-BL is intended for tuning the communication interfaces of the detector and control panel when adjusting and testing the detector’s operability. The converter is designed for interoperability with the FMC series microwave detectors devices and Tribo-Mfence protection system (over the wire connection line only).

A personal computer (PC) or an Android based device may be used as the control panel. Android soft you can sent from Google Play.

The converter consists of two independent converters inside:
- Converter RS-485 – USB (RS), ensuring the connection of the detector to the PC or Android device over the wire communication line;
- Converter RS-485 – Bluetooth (BL), ensuring the connection of the detector to the Android device over the wireless network.

Data transmission distance within the line-of-sight is up to 170 metres. (BL) It simplifies detector adjustment process considerably and allows all operations to be carried out by one installer (previously two persons were needed).

Device battery ensures continuous operation up to 12 hours and displays discharge level. The device may be charged from a computer or a standard charger through MicroUSB port.

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